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Finally AI -

  • Lead Generation - Auto-prospect potential customers

Auto-prospect potential customers by scraping contact info from the web and conducting personalized outreach at scale Send targeted messages 24/7 to book more sales meetings and generate promising leads Integrate with CRM to track outreach and route hot leads to sales team Require expertise in web scraping, natural language processing, dialog framework design and CRM integrations

  • Onboarding - Automate training and onboarding

Automate the training and onboarding process for new hires or customers Deliver personalized step-by-step guidance 24/7 through conversational interfaces Reduce the time needed to get up to speed by providing instant answers to common questions Require knowledge of instructional design principles, dialog management, NLP and integration with LMS/HR systems

  • Customer Support - Instantly answer FAQs 24/7

Provide instant self-service options to customers by answering common support questions 24/7 Integrate with helpdesk systems to automatically create tickets or route complex issues to human agents Utilize NLP to understand requests and natural conversation to deliver helpful, empathetic responses Require skills in dialog design, NLP, helpdesk software integrations and customer experience best practices

  • Internal Uses - Streamline workflows like HR, IT, and more

Streamline critical internal workflows like HR, IT, operations and more Build customized bots for different teams/use cases to simplify processes and access information Integrate with internal systems and data sources to eliminate manual work for employees Require understanding of business workflows/tools, NLP and ability to enhance productivity through automation

Rowan Helping Ministries

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Your site

Your chatbot

Knowledge based chatbots customized for your website and knowledge base answers any questions with ease

Main Street Marketplace and Meeting Place

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Idea Incubator GPT, Botpress, and Voiceflow Assistants


I will describe the carbon footprint of a product or service, comparing to familiar things, and offer more environmentally friendly alternatives.

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Customized chatBots with personality and a mission, to tell you what you need to know


I will help you not squander your time or money on things that don’t bring enough joy to justify the cost or effort. After asking clarifying questions, I’ll review the cost or effort required for your idea and offer more practical solutions to consider. I'll give detailed reasons why this would be a bad idea providing and provide a list of less expensive alternatives with associated costs.

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