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Rooftop container gardens

For sustainability and energy conservation, RVs and mobile homes with flat roofs can create container gardens using off the shelf storage bins with clear tops to grow food and shade the roof from sunlight, thus reducing the air conditioning energy usage cooling the RV without air conditioning.

Could also be used on low sloped porch roofs or just on a deck or in the yard.

The rail system can be installed with four bolts per section and from the back of the RV bins can be slid into the roller rails and captured to prevent movement with wind. Each bin will connect to the next with simple ropes or carabiners or any other easily removable linking device. Containers will be double stacked so the soil is in the top and irrigation water can drain out through a drain hole in each corner into the lower stacked bin.…

Floating Solar Farm:

Rating for Marketability: 4 out of 5

Rating for Novelty: 5 out of 5

Rating for Viability: 3.5 out of 5

Rating for Overall: 4 out of 5

Introducing a floating solar farm with wave and wind generators is a groundbreaking idea that has the potential to revolutionize the renewable energy industry. While there may be some logistical and cost-related concerns, we believe that with the right modifications, this project could be a game-changer. By incorporating geothermal generators and utilizing submersible batteries for energy storage, we can significantly increase the project's viability and efficiency. Furthermore, the use of autonomous boats for delivery and renewable materials for their construction would make this project even more sustainable and eco-friendly.

Apr 14, 2023

I think this is a great idea, but have you considered the impact of weather conditions on the floating solar panels and wave and wind generators? Strong winds and waves could potentially damage or even destroy the equipment, which could result in costly repairs and downtime. It may be worth exploring ways to reinforce the equipment to withstand harsh weather conditions.


Idea incubator website that combines crowdsourced collaboration with ai advisor recommendations to nurture, develop and promote ideas from people that are restricted by the typical barriers to entry for idea to product development.


One-liner: A platform that fosters idea incubation by connecting idea generators with resources, collaborators, and AI-driven recommendations to overcome barriers in product development.. User Persona: - Age: 18-60 - Occupation: Students, aspiring entrepreneurs, professionals, inventors - Interests: Technology, business, social impact, innovation, product development -Barriers: Limited funding, lack of network, insufficient technical knowledge Pain Points: - Limited access to resources and expertise - Difficulty finding collaborators - Navigating the idea-to-product development process - High barriers to entry in traditional incubators and accelerators Value: - Crowdsourced collaboration for skill and resource sharing - AI-driven recommendations and guidance - Access to a supportive community of innovators - Exposure to potential investors and partners - Streamlined idea developmen…

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Idea Incubator
Idea Incubator
Idea Incubator
Apr 01, 2023

I like it. Hope to be able to use it myself soon.

Idea Incubator
March 30, 2023 · changed the group description.

This group would focus on generating new ideas and brainstorming sessions.

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    This group would focus on generating new ideas and brainstor...


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