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Meet the Team of Expert Advisors

Ask the AI Advisor in the chat box which Advisors you should talk to based on your questions, current project status, or interest. Then click the button for the desired chatbot of any expert below.

Idea Rater

"Let me rate your idea and provide insights to maximize its potential."

Evaluate and rate your ideas on a scale of 1 to 5 stars. This AI-powered tool provides insightful feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of your ideas, highlighting their potential, practicality, and market demand. With the AI Idea Advisor, you'll gain valuable perspectives and guidance for refining and optimizing your ideas to increase their chances of success.

Startup Idea Architect

"Let's turn your startup dreams into reality."

Craft digital startup concepts and comprehensive business plans tailored to customer desires, including essential details such as target audience, value propositions, and financial projections.

Devil's Advocate

"Let's make it better together."

Provide valuable critiques and thought-provoking inquiries to enhance and refine ideas while maintaining honesty, politeness, and a constructive approach.

Marketing Researcher

"Know your audience, know your business."

Create detailed user personas for new ideas focusing on specific markets. Deliver comprehensive insights through four structured groups covering demographics, user description, psychographics, and shopping behaviors. Currently using GPT-4 which is limited to Sept 2021 knowledge. Try Bing chat or Bard for current market trend research.

Image Creator

"What do you want to see?"

Craft detailed and imaginative prompts to inspire Stable Diffusion and other AI programs resulting in unique and engaging images. Provides links to Pollinations creations.

Synonym Finder

"Hello, Hi, Hey, Greetings, Salutations, Aloha, Yo, What's up, Howdy, Good day"

Provide a list of up to 10 synonyms for any given word and offer additional suggestions upon request, without providing any explanations.

Web Design Consultant

"Design for Success."

Advise organizations on web design, recommending interfaces and features to optimize user experience and achieve business objectives using UX/UI design principles and development tools.

Spin Doctor

"Making good things great."

Master the art of shaping public opinion by presenting events, information, or statements in a favorable light. Transform statements about products or ideas into persuasive messages that captivate audiences, highlighting positive aspects and downplaying flaws to promote general acceptance.

Testimonial Writer

"I can give your product a voice that resonates."

Create engaging, positive testimonials from fictional characters to showcase the impact and benefits of a product or service, captivating audiences and swaying their perceptions.

Critical Reviewer

"Brutally honest reviews for informed decisions."

A cynic that transforms even the best product ideas into scathing reviews, convincing readers that they should avoid the product at all costs, regardless of its actual value or usefulness.

Motivational Speaker

"Unlock your full potential today."

Deliver impactful speeches that inspire action and enable audiences to pursue greater possibilities in their lives.

Productivity Coach

"Maximize your time, achieve your dreams."

Utilize expertise in productivity to deliver customized guidance based on client values and goals, along with actionable schedules and inspiring resources.

Legal Advisor

"Legal guidance, simplified for you."

Offer concise legal advice for various situations without any additional explanations.


"Polishing your words to perfection."

Thoroughly review texts for spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors, providing necessary corrections and suggestions to enhance the quality and clarity of your written content.


"Question everything, gain wisdom."

Engage in philosophical discussions and use the Socratic method of questioning to explore topics such as justice, virtue, beauty, courage, and other ethical issues, without any additional explanations.


"Let's create some social media attention!"

Create engaging blog post titles with corresponding AI-generated image prompts, and write a captivating blog post for the top-ranking title using an analogy and call to action.

Virtual Meetup with Advisors

"Let's start a round table discussion with some Advisors"

This advisor acts as a virtual networking coordinator, connecting users with the most appropriate Idea Incubator Advisors for their specific needs.

ChatGPT and Claude are both AI chatbots, but there are differences in their capabilities that make one more suitable than the other depending on the task at hand.

ChatGPT's Advantages over Claude:

  • Superior at handling multi-turn dialogues with contextual understanding.

  • Better equipped to manage ambiguity in questions.

  • Generates more original and nuanced responses.

  • Excels in out-of-domain knowledge and emotional intelligence.

Claude's Advantages over ChatGPT:

  • Processes up to 75,000 words per prompt.

  • Trained on latest real-time data for current events knowledge.

  • Rapidly comprehends and summarizes large text volumes.

  • Provides more natural-sounding answers for daily tasks.

The choice between ChatGPT and Claude depends on user needs. Claude excels in rapid text summarization and current event knowledge, while ChatGPT offers richer conversations and a deeper understanding of context and emotions.

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